If you would like to be kept informed of the Society’s activities, or wish to have news items included in the ESHSS ebulletin, please contact our Secretary, Dr Helen Young:


The Society’s convenor can be contacted at:

Dr Pat Whatley
Centre for Archives and Information Studies
Archive, Records Management and Museum Services
Tower Building
University of Dundee
Dundee DD1 4HN


Media Enquiries

The Economic & Social History Society of Scotland regularly receives requests from the media and production companies for assistance in a wide range of historical themes, for research, interviews, filming, etc.

The Society is happy to assist with such requests.

Please bear in mind however that most academic historians have heavy commitments related to their teaching and research programmes. To effectively assist the media, they must have time to adequately research the themes, issues and contexts of the topics concerned. Please therefore allow a reasonable period for advance preparation.

Before the Society approaches its network of historians it would be helpful to have details of programme briefs, fees offered, and confirmation that appropriate credits will be provided for those who participate.

Initial enquiries should be directed to the Society’s Development Officer, Laura Doak,

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