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In 2005, the Society produced The Transformation of Scotland: the economy since 1700, edited by T. M. Devine, C. H. Lee and G. C. Peden and published by Edinburgh University Press. It is the first comprehensive history of the Scottish economy to appear in a generation.  Fresh interpretations are revealed on such key issues as the impact of the Union of 1707, the Clearances, the rise and fall of Scottish heavy industry, and the recent transformation of the Scottish economy.  Full treatment is given to agriculture, finance, industry and the service sector.

The Transformation of Scotland is described by Christopher A Whatley, Professor of Scottish History at the University of Dundee as:  “…a useful book that … brings the historiography of the post-1700 Scottish economy up to date. As usual with surveys of this nature, it reveals under-researched topics and debates that are still unresolved, but that is no bad thing.”

(Christopher A Whatley, “Review of T.M. Devine, C.H. Lee, and G.C. Peden (editors) The Transformation of Scotland: The Economy since 1700” Economic History Services, Aug 5, 2005, URL:


In association with John Donald Ltd, the Society published the highly acclaimed People and Society in Scotland three-volume History of Scotland:

T M Devine and R Mitchison (eds), People and Society in Scotland, vol I, 1760-1830.

W H Fraser and R J Morris (eds), People and Society in Scotland, vol 2, 1830-1914.

T Dickson and J H Treble (eds), People and Society in Scotland, vol 3, 1914 to the Present.


The Society has also published a pamphlet series of Studies in Scottish Economic and Social History:

Gray, Scots on the Move: Scots Migrants 1750-1914

P L Payne, Growth and Contraction: Scottish Industry c. 1860-1990

Callum G Brown, The People in the Pews: Religion and Society in Scotland since 1780

C A Whatley, ‘“Bought and Sold for English Gold”? Explaining the Union of 1707’

R D Anderson, Scottish Education since the Reformation


Publication Offers

The Society has available back numbers of publications as follows.


* Growth & Contraction: Scottish Industry c.1860-1990 by Peter L Payne.  pp56.  £3.00

The People in the Pews by Callum G Brown.  pp54.  £3.00

* Scottish Education since the Reformation by R D Anderson.  pp66.  £3.00

* Scots on the Move: Scots Migrants 1750-1914 by Malcolm Gray.  pp44. £3.00


* Scottish Economic & Social History Vol. 14 (1994):
– Roy Church ‘The Checkland Memorial Lecture – How did business think?’
– C A Whatley ‘Women and the Economic Transformation of Scotland c.1740-1830’
– Andrew Blaikie ‘A Kind of Loving: Illegitmacy, Grandparents and the Rural Economy of North East Scotland, 1750-1900’
– R H Campbell ‘Too Much on the Highlands? – A plea for change’
– R A Cage ‘Infant Mortality Rates and Housing: Twentieth Century Glasgow’

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